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University Links

Hillsview have excellent working links with both Teesside and York Universities.

As an Academy, we have attended a variety of workshops at both Universities with a range of students from all age groups.


The University of York has launched a unique project, Shine that is designed specifically to help schools across Yorkshire and the Humber and the surrounding areas. The purpose of Shine is to widen aspirations, broaden horizons and enhance the attainment levels of participating pupils.

Shine is for students in Year 6 – 11 who have been identified by their school as being high achieving and come from backgrounds that are currently under-represented in higher education.

It is hoped that by working with Pre-16 pupils, appropriate students can be inspired, motivated and helped to achieve academic success and will subsequently become involved in one of the University’s post-16 support programmes that aim to prepare students for application and entry to higher education. These programmes are Next Step York and Realising Opportunities.

As part of Shine, pupils will take part in a series of activities both in school and on campus. Examples of on campus activities include higher education workshops, a two night residential for Year 10 students and a Conference for Year 11 students.

Student Ambassador Programme

Students from Teesside University are currently in their first or second year are working with a selection of Year 10 students over the next two years to monitor their progress, raise aspirations and to complete a programme of group work to include:

  • Ideal job/career – think about jobs, how they get there (college/sixth form, uni etc.), create a 3D pop up poster about the job, including skills, qualities, company research etc.
  • Clubs & societies – we give a presentation about different clubs and societies at university, then they get to either come up with their own or use an existing club/society and create a poster advertising it
  • Budgeting and money – how much student loan they get and use it, include things that students spend money on such as Spotify, food, etc.; partway through the session we tell them about an unexpected bill and they have to plan their new budget. Alternatively we give them a picture of an empty student room and a budget to fill it with, e.g. buy bedding, do they get an xbox and have no lamp etc.
  • Personal branding – who do they want to be, who inspires them – what do they do, what skills do they have, qualifications etc. We cover social media, how they market themselves.