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Family Focus Day

posted 7 Oct 2015, 23:40 by Web Admin   [ updated 17 Nov 2015, 00:25 ]
“Getting the most out of Parents’ Consultation Day”

This quick guide is to ensure you get all the information you need from your daughter/son’s parents’ consultation evening.
Questions you may want to ask/information you may want to know:

- How can we help at home? 
- What are the homework expectations of the course? 
- Is their attitude to learning appropriate most of the time?
- Will my daughter/son achieve/exceed their target grade? 

Does he/she: 
Contribute to class discussions 
Work well in groups 
Work independently when required 
Turn up on time 
Follow all instructions promptly 

- What is the ONE thing they need to focus on to ensure improvement? 
- When are the exams? How many exams are there? What are they like? 
- Does the course involve Controlled Assessments (Coursework)? When will this be completed? How much of the final grade is it worth? 
- Does the course involve any trips? When are these and how much will they cost? 

If you have any other queries on the day please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Progress or the Director of Learning.