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Fashion Workshop

posted 18 Jul 2016, 02:06 by Web Admin

On 12th July, a wonderful cohort of 40 Year 10 students gained an opportunity to work with an industry professional on at Hillsview Academy.  Students from GCSE Art and Textiles classes worked closely with a London Fashion Designer called Nikki Lowe to research, discuss, sketch and develop a design of an item of clothing.  The students selected a 'Muse' to inspire their designs, created a consumer profile, chose an occasion and worked their design ideas into a concept.

Gaining an incite into how the skills they are currently developing during lesson time could enhance their employment opportunities in the future was an inspiring prospect for the students and encouraged them to think about the bigger picture without limiting their potential.

Nikki went on to select the designs of two students who showed an enormous amount of design potential and presented them with two items of clothing she had herself designed and had manufactured. The successful designers were Lauren Galloway and Ciara Wilson.

The students showed huge amounts of focus and concentration, demonstrating natural flare and creativity.  Designer Nikki Lowe stated, "The Hillsview Academy students I had the privilege of working with showed the talent and expertise of college graduate students, their potential is clearly being nurtured and developed by the staff at Hillsview Academy."