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Not Just For the Benefit of Mr Kite!

posted 26 Jul 2015, 10:13 by Web Admin
Hillsview Circus

Nellie the Elephant would never have said goodbye to the circus if shed been at Hillsview on Tuesday night! In a bold and inspirational move to make their Year 6 transition evening more exciting, the academy staged a circus event beneath a real big top and gave ringside seats to prospective children and parents, all of whom were awed by the range of skills and talents on show.

We gasped (genuinely!) at the leaps and somersaults of amazing acrobats; we laughed at slick comedy routines involving bags, briefcases and balloons; and we cheered at the tumbling, plate-spinning and syncopated dancing.  Largely the brainchild of art teacher (and Ringmaster) Chris Craig and PE teacher Hannah Conroy, this was grand-scale spectacle, a colourful extravaganza that would have been entertaining in any context.

The show closed with an astonishing display by the African dance troupe, Bongo Warriors who performed a series of gravity defying acrobatics, skilfully blending subtle dexterity with cast-iron strength. 

Creative Faculty leader Claire Reid is renowned for her passionate belief in the arts and what students can aspire to, and the highly committed team she assembled to make this event a reality shares her vision.  As Chris Craig said, The kids were superb tonight and the place was totally buzzing with energy. It was an amazing team effort. It has hopefully made people realise that at Hillsview theres no excuse for complacency. With the right mindset our kids achieve great things, we just all need to believe it.

And achieve they did! Fuelled by a happy energy, a potent mix of inspiration and success, they joyfully engaged with the community and delighted in creating a memorable evening for everyone lucky enough to be there.

Hillsview Circus

Hillsview Circus