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posted 4 Oct 2018, 01:23 by Suzanne Chevalier
Year 8 played their first home fixture tonight.
The atmosphere was electric. Mr Corlett shouting support from the sidelines.  The star of the year 9 team Georgie Wilkes was giving his expert input. Haydn Longstaff came back to school to show his support for the home team. Daniel Baileys step dad was cheering along too.

Our very own resident referee Max Doddy blew the starting whistle to kick off the first fixture. Things got off to a rocky start against the well known Laurence Jackson team beating Hillsview by lets just say a couple of goals in the first game. 

Hillsview didn’t let this lose their focus and they came back with determination for the second match. Louie Ferguson had his sights set on the goal but had to settle for the cross bar. Lee Harrison and Dylan Johnson also had close encounters. It was Number 10 Joel Fleming who was first to find the back of the net to put Hillsview 1-0 against Redcar Academy. Second half saw Sonny O’Niell taking a nail biting free kick from outside of the box, but sadly placed the ball on the wrong side of the post. It was down to Joel again to finish a net shattering shot to bring Hillsview to their first victory. 2-0 final score. Well done to everyone involved today!

Next week Hillsview play St Peters and Sacred Heart, it’s anticipated to be a sell out so get your tickets fast!